During our long research for 'Fly With The Stars' we met many former BSAA staff, and in doing so we were told of many more. We also discovered many documents which referred to names of staff which we hadn't been aware of from other sources. As the research progressed, we decided to add all the names we came across to a list. Some of these people are well known to us, whereas others may have been a name we found on an old document, and we therefore have no idea of their role within the airline. Whilst this list is just a fraction of the staff employed by the airline, it currently extends to over 740 names and is reproduced below for interest.

If any former BSAA staff read this and find that they (or a friend/relative who worked for the airline) are missing from the list, please let us know at info@flywiththestars.co.uk and we'll be happy to add them.



Keith Hayward, the Honourary Consultant Archivist for the BA Archives (and himself a former BSAA employee), is compiling a record of BSAA movements in and out of Heathrow for the period 1946 to 1949. This includes all BSAA flights, whether they be scheduled, training or even simply repositioning flights. He is recording the details of the aircraft, crew, dates and times. In fact all the information which would normally be shown in a crew log book.

If anyone still has a copy of an ex-BSAA crewmember's log book for that period, Keith would be delighted to hear from you. Please either telephone him directly on 01895-637872 or, if you prefer, email me at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk and I will forward your message to Keith.

Thank you!



Please scroll down the page to see some interesting photos of BSAA staff.




Len Acres

Dorothy Adam (see Kidd)

Captain R. C. 'Cliff' Alabaster

Wing Commander J. Alexander

Captain G. M. 'Dickie' Allcock

Eric Allen

Anne Andrew (née Barker-Mill)

Captain Jimmy Andrew

J. Gus Angers

A. Annis

L. Ansty

Fred Appleby

Cynthia Arpthorp

Captain Maurice R. Aries

Bill Ashdown

Guy Ashendon

J. E. Ashton

Jack Atkins

Albert T. Axten

L. F. Ayling


Alf Bailey

Bill Bailey

I. Bailey

J. Bailey

Sue Bailey

Rita P. Baines (see Colby)

Ian Donald Bale ('Buzz')

A. Barber

Kay Bardell

Anne Barker-Mill (see Andrew)

Miss W. Barlow

Harry Bartholomew

Graham Bartter

Nita Barwell-Harrison

Terry Barzilay (see White)

Dora Barzilay

Wing Commander C. Baskett

Mr. F. Beard

P. S. Beckett

Richard E. Beddoes (Dick)

Ted Belbin

Mr. Bellamy

Ed Bellamy

C. A. F. 'Crystal' Bendall

Air Vice-Marshal Donald C. T. Bennett

L. V. Bennett

Jack Berry

G. V. Bethke

Jack Betts

Pam Bewg

D. Bianchi

Bill Bickford

John Bingham

Tony Birch

Mr. Birkby

L. E. Bishop

Miss Blackman

H. E. Bligh

J. N. Blows

Miss J. Boast

Charles Bodimeade

Les Bone

Rene Boot (see Fearnley)

Wing Commander John F. Booth

Ken Bowers

T. M. Boyd

R. L. Bracher

Air Commodore Herbert G. Brackley

David Brackley

Lyn Bradley

Una Bradley

C. P. Brady

David Brady

Eve Branson (née Huntley-Flindt)

Miss Margaret Bray

L. W. Bray

Jean Brennan (née Macfarlane)

John C. Brennan

Captain David Brice

Jim Britton

Len Broad

Angus H. Brooks

Denis Brown

Don L. Brown

E. R. 'Ted' Brown

E. S. Brown

Mrs J. Browne

Maria Teresa del Socorro Browne

Frank Brownlie

Judy Bruce-Lockhart

John Buckell

Danny Buckland

Mr. Budd

G. A. Bullen

Frank W. Bunker

Ken Bunker

Maurice Burgess

Arthur 'Tosh' Burridge

Brian Burston

Miss A. Butler

Arthur Butler

Jock Butterworth


Jack Cacutt

G. M. Cain

Thomas A. 'Tommy' Cairns

E. E. Calver

Miss Calvert

Miss Erica Calverwell

Wing Commander D. Cameron

Alec Campbell

Barbara Campbell (née Hammond)

Tom Campbell

Eric Cantor

Mr. Carey

Andy Carlisle

S. G. Carpenter

Robert W. Chandler

Mr. Chapman

S. P. Chapman

J. J. Charlebois

Donald S. Checklin

Diana Chester-Masters

J. E. Chettle

Mrs. Chipps

G. Chirgwin

Thomas M. 'Tommy' Clark

Mrs. Celia M. Clark (née Hepworth)

G. W. Clarke

V. A. M. L. ‘Lynn’ Clayton

Captain Stephen B. Cliff

John Coatalen

F. S. G. 'Syd' Codling

Captain David Colby

Rita P. Colby (née Baines)

Derek Cole

F. C. Cole

F. H. Cole

Mr. R. W. Coleman

Howard Francis Collier

Wing Commander H. M. Collins

H. T. Comber

Terence Conner

F. Connor

D. K. Cook

Norman H. Cook

Captain Reginald J. Cook

Sidney Charles Cook

Alec Cooper

Dickie Cooper

Fred Cooper

L. Cooper

Robert J. ‘Paddy’ Cormican

B. Cornthwaite

May Cox

Ron Cox

Captain D. A. Cracknell

C. E. Crick

Miss D. V. Cripps

Thomes S. H. Croft

Dick Cromie

Captain John N. S. Cumming

Mary Cunningham (née Guthrie)

T. Cupit

William Curry


Mary Danbrook (see Holden)

Paul R. Dane

D. M. Daniel

Harry Darby

Aubrey T. Dare

F. Dauncey

A. G. Davies

David Davies

Nadia Davies (née Smart)

Fred Davis

Derek H. Davison

David A. R. Day (Roy)

Murray Deloford

Trevor L. de Nett

Mr. Denman

G. J. Dennis

J. H. Dennison

Mary Devas (see Quigly)

Mr. Deverteuil

R. C. de Wilde

Charles Diacond

Mr. Dick

Roland Dismore

Wing Commander B. Dobb

Mrs. Donaldson

B. Dowes

N. Downs

Brian Duffey

Captain Peter Duffey

J. M. Duncan

Bill Dyer

G. W. Dyson


Jack Eade

Eddie Eade

Captain Godfrey Earnshaw

Howard Easton

Mrs. Eckett

'Elsan' Eddy

S. Edge

J. R. Edmunds

Eddie Edsell

Bill Edwards

G. C. Edwards

Arthur Egerton

Cyril Ellison

Marquis of Ely

Eric Emberson

Mr. Emberton

D. Emmerson

Richard Enser

E. G. Escott

Miss Iris M. Evans

J. B. Evans

L. Evans

Paddy Evans

Vere D. ‘Doug’ Evans


Norman Fairfax

P. Falconer

H. Farmer

Bert Farrow

Rene Fearnley (née Boot)

Geoff C. Fearon

David Ferguson

Sid Ferris

Tony Ferris

Captain E. D. 'Wyn' Fieldson

Priscilla Fieldson (née Vinyals)

Ray Finucane

S. Fishwick

Miss P. V. Fitzherbert

Air Commodore A. Fletcher

J. D. Flint

Captain Bill Flower

R. E. 'Dick' Flower

Mrs. Joan Forbes (née Thompson)

John Ford

Kathleen 'Pat' Ford (née Gubbins)

Captain Jimmy Fordham

Ron Forrester

Bill Forsyth

Frank Foulds

L. Fountain

Helen Fowler (see Storey)

Mr. Fowler

Mike Fox

Miss K. Francis (see Scarr)

James Fraser

A. L. French

Ken French


Charles Gallagher

David Gallanders

Jack Galvin

Mrs. J. Gardner

Nadine Garland (née Snelling)

Joyce Garrett

Eric Gaston

Denis J. Gaynor

R. Geddes

Miss R. Geraghty

Doug Gilbert

Miss M. Gillespie

Johnny Ginone

Mr. Glenny

Max Gliwitski

A. Godbehere

F. C. Gold

Eve Goodliffe (see Lucas)

J. Goodwin

T. L. Gordon

William Gordon

S. Gorteen

Captain G. L. 'Ted' Gosling

William A. Gould

Captain Albert C. Graham

H. Graham

Hugh Grant-Dalton

Arthur Grant-Jones

Miss Gravestock

Kathleen Gray

Mr. Graynorth

George D. Green

R. C. P. Green

F. A. Greene

Arthur Gregory

Mr. Greig

Barbara Griffin

H. Griffin

Captain R. F. ‘Frank’ Griffin

Peter Griffin

Peter Griggs

Charles Groves

Kathleen 'Pat' Gubbins (see Ford)

Eileen Gummer

Pat Gummer

Eileen Gunnell (née Beales)

J. Gurney

Mary Guthrie (see Cunningham)


Peggy Lillian May Hack

Poppy Hagerston

Jack Haines

Marian Hale

R. W. M. Hall

W. H. Hall

Harry Halliday

Barbara Hammond (see Campbell)

Will 'Hawk' Hancock

W. Hannah

Dennis B. Harmer

Mr. Tom Harmer

Barbara Harper

H. J. Harris

Wilf Harrison

Phil Hart-Lovelace

Ron Hartley

Thomas J. Harvey

W. Harvey

Jack Hasell

R. H. Hawken

Colin Hawkins

Mr Hawthorne

A. A. Hay

Sylvia Haynes

Keith Hayward

Simone Hayward (see Mathews)

F. G. Haywood

Leslie Head

Miss G. Heitman

Mrs. E. D. Herrington

R. Hewitt

Joy Hickey

H. Highton

Herbert Hill

F. Hillier

W. G. Hille

H. L. Hing

A. G. Hirst

Tony Hiscock

George Hobson

Mary Holden (née Danbrook)

Les Holland

R. B. Holland

Mike Holmes

B. J. Hooper

Jock Horne

Leonard Hough

Reg Howell

A. J. F. Hughes

Ray Hull

Miss Zanick Hulton

Eve Huntley-Flindt (see Branson)


H. D. S. Ison


Captain Archie S. Jackson

Joe Jacobs

Mrs. E. E. James

J. N. A. James

Jean Jarrard

Douglas Jarvis

Zoë Jenner

Joanne Jennings-Bramley

Bill Jewitt

Alan Johnson

Dudley Johnson

Edward Peter Johnson

Keith Johnstone

Gwynne Jones

H. T. 'Jonah' Jones

John Jones

Sid Josling


Mr. Keagh

L. Keemer

Elizabeth Keighley (Betty)

Mike Kelly

L. E. Keemar

Miss Keith-Fraser

Tom Kellock



Mr. James W. Kenny

Mr. Keogh

Robert D. Ker

Ruth ‘Helen’ Kerly

Miss I. Kerr

Philip P. Kerrigan

Mr. A. G. Key

Bert Key

Dorothy Kidd (née Adam)

Hamilton Kilpatrick ('Pat' or 'Killer')

Mr. Kimber

Alison King

E. King

Captain King

Glen Kingston

Captain E. T. Kippenberger

Ruth Kirby

Stan Kirkman

Mr. Kirkus

W. Kirkwood

E. Knight

Mrs. June Knight (née Maddock)

Bill Koster


Bill Lamb

Pete Lane

Stuart Langston

Reg Langtry

Ernest Sidney Larkin (Sid)

Eric Larsonnier

W. R. Larty

Bill Lauder

Andy Laughland

S. S. Law

Margaret M. Lawrence (née Owens)

H. H. Lawson

A. Layton

Alan Leach

Miss Leach

J. W. Leach

John Leakey

Arthur Ledger

J. Lee

Captain H. ‘Lincoln’ Lee

Robert James Lewis (Bob)

Geoff Liggins

Cecil 'Butch' Light

Mr. Lighton

James B. Linton

Edward J. Lisle

Bill Liverton

Mike Llewellyn

Glyn Lloyd

Mr. Loughland

Ken Loveless

Michael Lovell

H. D. Lowrie

H. Loxdale

Eve Lucas (née Goodliffe)

Mr. Lucas

A. S. Lucking

Joan K. Lywood


Group Captain A. Macdougall

Jean Macfarlane (see Brennan)

Dr. J. C. Macgown

Guillermo 'Biggie' Machado

Robin Macilwaine

Captain Donald Macintosh

Mr. Macphee

Miss June Maddock (see Knight)

Jack Mahood

Edna M. 'Peggy' Mannakee (see Palmer)

Ruth March

Leslie Marks

Miss S. D. Marrs

W. V. Marshall

Miss C. Matalon

Simone Mathews (née Hayward)

W. J. Matson

B. C. J. Matterface

R. M. Maunsell

Fred Mayhew

Jim McAuley

D. McConnell

A. C. J. McCormack

R. McCormack

T. McCrae

Radio Superintendent J. A. McGillivray

Miss McGown

Miss McIntosh

Captain Brian W. McMillan

Captain John C. McPhee

Mr. Mead

H. Mellor

Mr. Melmore

D. R. Merry

Thomas S. Middleton

A. Miller

Dr. Miller

Mary Mills (née Spiers)

Arthur Milner

George ‘Basil’ Milsom

Dennis Milson

W. H. 'Bill' Minns

D. Mitchell

Miss Montegriffo

Alex 'Scotty' More

H. E. Morgan

V. Morgan

Mr. A. Morley

B. Morley

Herbert Morris

L. Mortimer

Jean A. Mortleman (see Young)

Dick Moules

K. Mountney

Miss Judith B. Moxon

E. S. Mulcahy

Miss R. Murray


Jock Neish

Tony Nelson

R. C. Nelson

Marjory Neville (née Tong)

Des Neville

M. E. Newson

V. J. Neyle

L. H. Niall

H. S. B. ‘Sheila’ Nicholls

A. S. Nightingale

George Nixon


Mr. Oakeby

F. J. O'Hara

Bill Olsen

T. H. Outhwaite

Captain Donal Francis O'Sullivan ('Mike')

Reginald H. Ottaway (Reg)

Margaret M. Owens (see Lawrence)


A. H. Paddon

A. G. Palmer

Don Palmer

Edna M. 'Peggy' Palmer (née Mannakee)

R. Palmer

R. F. Parkinson

J. S. Parnell

L. Parry

Mr. Parry-Jones

M. N. Parsons

Miss Peggy Parsons

Philip Patchwell

Bernard Patrick

Philip Patrick

Alf Pearce

Miss D. Pearce

Mr. Pearson

Dennis Peck

John Penning

Miss Pennington

James Leigh Perry

G. J. Perryman

Bob Petty

Paddy Phelan

B. C. Phillips

Walter Phillips

Miss Philpotts

Graham Phipps

Carl Pitu

G. E. Pole

Mr. P. M. Polhill

Alan Ponsford

Daphne Pope

Mr. B. G. Porter

Cecile E. R. Power

Len Pratt

Frank Price

Paddy Pryor


Mary Quigly (née Devas)

Richard Quigly

Frank Quinn


Wing Commander R. J. Ralph

Eric Rampling

Jack Randell

Geoff Ratcliffe

Captain W. J. ‘Jeff’ Rees

Gordon Rees

Ken Rees

Eileen Reeves

Frank Rendell

Gordon C. Rettie

J. Reynolds

Bob Rice

J. Richardson

Norman Riddell

Miss Beryl J. Riley

M. S. Rivers

Joan Roberts (née Saunders)

Willy C. Robertson

James P. Robeson

Captain Ernest E. Rodley

E. 'Bunny' Rolandi

John Romeril

Wing Commander J. C. Rose

R. Rosevear

Colin R. Ross

F. A. Rowlands

Margaret Rowntree

Jock Roxbrough

Ted Royall

Andy Ruthven


Bob Sale

Group Captain Charles F. Sarsby

P. A. Satchwell

Joan Saunders (see Roberts)

Ted Sawkins

Miss K. Scarr (née Francis)

Kenneth Scarr

J. W. Scott

Margaret Scott

Molly Scott

R. B. H. Scroggs

R. B. Seabourne

Geoff Seaton

Fred Secker

R. Sermon

V. D. J. Shapley

E. Sharp (Radio Officer)

S. R. (or S. C.) Sharp (Overhaul Superintendent)

Miss E. L. Shaw

Bill Shepherd

R. B. Shoebridge

Derek Shorter

John Silver

Howard Simmons

Dan Skillman

Mr. H. Skinner

E. D. Slater

G. T. Slaughter

Captain Peter Sleight

Nadia Smart (see Davies)

Mr. Smiley

Charlie Smith

Edwin Smith

Katie Smith

Mr. L. P. Smith

Reg Smith

Sylvia Smith

'Tubby' Smith

Philip A. Smoker

Captain John H. Smurthwaite

Ted Snare

Nadine Snelling (see Garland)

Wing Commander Snowball

Alex Soutar

Egerton 'Pancho' Spanton

John Spatcher

Mary Spiers (see Mills)

R. Spiers

Mr. Stacey

John L. Stanford-Smith

Steve Stephens

Sir John Stephenson

J. L. Stephenson

Mr. E. F. Stevens

Jimmy Stevens

Tessa Stevens

G. S. Stewart

P. Stockdale

Basil J. 'Johnny' Stone

R. Stoneham

William G. Stonehouse

Ken Stones

Captain Gordon Store

Jaime E. Storey

Helen Storey (née Fowler)

Don Stott

C. W. Storm-Clark

Bill Strange

John Stretton


D. Targett-Adams

Captain Frank Taylor

G. Taylor

Margaret Taylor

Squadron Leader Robert Henry Cunningham Taylor

Tom H. Taylor

W. G. Taylor

Squadron Leader G. Thomas

Gordon Thomas

Mrs. Joan C. Thompson (see Forbes)

Henry R. Thompson (Harry)

Stanley C. Thorpe

George Tilley

G. Tomlin

Marjory Tong (see Neville)

Sybil Tortensee

L. J. Townsend

Chris Trainer

Miss Gwyneth Traylor

W. J. Treharne

Mr. Trendell

Alan Trimmer

Robert ‘Bob’ Tuck

Roy Tunnicliffe

George Turner

J. R. Tyas


R. L. Upton


Paul Vaillant

Mr. Velow

Captain Des Verteuil

Priscilla Vinyals (see Fieldson)


M. G. Wade

Jack Wakeham

Captain Derek M. Walbourn

A. J. Wales

Johnny Walker

R. Walker

S. W. Walker

Mr. Wallace

E. M. Wallinger

Captain Frank Walton

Patrick Wann

Tony Wardle

Mike J. Warner

W. W. Warner

Jimmy Warwick

Hilary Watson

J. Watson

Lennie Watson (née Will)

R. Watts

Richard H. Waugh

Wing Commander Trevor G. Waymouth

R. Weatherby

Mrs. R. L. Weatherley

G. Webb

Howard Webb

H.W. Weightman

Captain Walter Wellwood

'Dennis' Wheatley

Captain Johnny Wheatley

W. Whichello

Terry White (née Barzilay)

R. C. Whitehead

Peter Whitfield

C. L. Whitnell

'Dick' Whittington

Fred Whitworth

N. J. Wickert

R. W. F. 'Dick' Wightman

Peter Wilby

Raymond E. Wilby

Maureen Wilkin

Doug Wilkins

Mr. Wilkinson

Lennie Will (see Watson)

E. S. Willey

Tony Willey

L. F. Willis

Paul H. M. Wingate-Dane

Miss M. C. Witt

Captain Geoffrey H. Womersley

Dulcie Wood

Jean Wood

S. Wood

Walter 'Wally' Thomas Wood

J. Woodhouse

Jimmy Woodill

Arthur Woodman

'Timber' Woods

J. M. Woodward

Alfred H. Woolcott

Frank Woolley

Pete Worrall

Miss Wright

Captain John Wright

'Wilbur' Wright


Jean A. Young (née Mortleman)


Jim Zealey



On September 25th 1949 members of the BSAA Cricket Club and their wives had an outing to Brighton. The photo below was taken that day.


  My father, Reg Ottaway, is second from right with my mother Muriel alongside him. Alongside her is Betty Wakeham with her husband Jack behind and to her right. The lady third from left in the photo is Peggy Kilpatrick and the gentleman on the far right is her husband (nicknamed 'Pat' or 'Killer' Kilpatrick)! Thanks to Elaine Pope for filling in these details.

If anyone can put names to other faces in this photo, please contact us - info@flywiththestars.co.uk


  The photograph above was taken in 1948 during a visit by BSAA staff to the KBB factory in Basingstoke. The visit was arranged by the S.L.A.E. and consisted mainly of instrument technicians.  

  From left to right, Ron Forrester, Richard 'Dick' Beddoes and Stan Allen in front of Tudor IV 'Star Leopard'.  

  Ron Forrester (left) and an unknown colleague in front of Tudor IVB G-AGRF 'Elizabeth of England', with the BSAA Avro IX G-AIKM 'Star Visitant' in the background.  

  A group of BSAA Instrument Engineers in front of Tudor IV 'Star Panther' at Heathrow in 1949. Dick Beddoes is in the white coat on the left of the group at the front, Colin Ross is the left of the two men in the doorway and Ted Snare, the Instrument Shop Chargehand is in the centre of the front row. No other names are known.  
  Many thanks to Colin Ross for the information.    

A copy of a newspaper cutting from either The Eastbourne Herald or The Eastbourne Chronicle in 1944, sent to me by Barry McAleenan, describing the award of a Bar to Hugh Grant-Dalton's DFC.

Having joined the RAFVR in 1939, Hugh Grant-Dalton served as a pilot with 100 squadron before joining BSAA (as either a First or Second Officer) on August 30th 1948, aged just 27. It is not known how his career progressed subsequently.

Many thanks to Barry McAleenan for the cutting and the additional information

  Jean Brennan (née Macfarlane) and her husband John Brennan. Jean was a Stargirl and John was a Radio Engineer. He spent some time working in Buenos Aires, and was at Ministro Pistarini Airport, now named 'Ezeiza', when the first airliner landed there (Avro York G-AHFF on November 7th 1949).  
  Another photo of Jean Macfarlane, this time from a publicity brochure dating from 1949.

Many thanks to John Brennan for this photo and the two above

  I was fortunate to be sent some photographs recently of BSAA crews posing formally by their Lancastrian and then letting their hair down!

The person second from right is flight engineer G. J. Dennis (thanks to his granddaughter Jennifer Hollyer for that information).

If you can tell me any of the other names, I'd be very pleased to hear from you (info@flywiththestars.co.uk).



Pauline Copeland (neé Larkin) sent me this newspaper cutting from the Buenos Aires Herald, dated 12th June 1946, showing her arrival in Buenos Aires with her mother. Her father, Sid Larkin was BSAA Station Engineer at Morón Airport from 1946 to 1948 after which he joined BOAC and took part in the Berlin Airlift.

In 1949 Sid was posted to Nassau by BOAC and later joined Bahamas Airways. He died in Nassau in 1983.


Many thanks to Pauline Copeland for all the scanned photos and the information.


Below are some wonderfully atmospheric photos sent to me by Pauline of her father Sid and his colleagues, taken in Buenos Aires.





  Sid Larkin is seen here working on 'Star Leader' (G-AHEW), the first Avro York in service with BSAA, at Morón Airport on June 28th 1946. This aircraft was written off less than three months later, on September 7th 1946 in an accident at Bathurst.  

Sid and a colleague on the steps of a Lancastrian at Morón Airport, Buenos Aires


  Some officials standing near the rear door of a BSAA Lancastrian, but who are they?  

  This is a curious photo as it appears that the tail of the Avro York is jacked up. If anyone can tell me the identities of the people in this group, please get in touch.  
  I was recently contacted by Patrick Lemmon, who very kindly sent me these superb photographs of ex-BSAA Stargirl June Knight (née Maddock). June flew on Yorks and Lancastrians, including the trans-Andean routes into Santiago and had many interesting stories to tell about her time with the airline.  


If anyone knows the identity of the Stargirl with June above, please let me know ( info@flywithstars.co.uk ).


UPDATE (Feb 2017) - I have received an email from Ruby Wight to inform me that the Stargirl on the right of the photo above is her grandmother Marian Hale, now known as Janet Wimbush. Ruby had been searching for photos of her grandmother and her search led her to this website! I was delighted to hear from her.

  The group photograph below is a puzzle. The cards the girls are holding say "The Air Ball" and the collecting tins appear to be labelled "The Air League of the British Empire" but does anyone know anything about this event, such as where and when it was held and the reason for the different insignia on the hats? Could it have been a joint BSAA/BOAC/BEA event?

If anyone can put names to the faces I would love to hear from you and will update the caption accordingly.




A more recent photo of June Knight, standing with her friend Patrick Lemmon in front of a Jaguar at RAF Coltishall in the summer of 2005.


  In June 1986, a reunion was held for all former BSAA Stargirls. It was well attended and here are a few photos from the event.

If you recognise any of the ladies in either photo, please let me know!

(Photos courtesy of John Brennan)

(Thanks to Patrick Lemmon, Tim Palmer and Nicholas George for the caption information)

The lady on the left of the photo above is Peggy Palmer and on the right is June Knight.

In the photo below, June Knight is seated third from the left in the back row, Peggy Palmer is standing in the centre at the back and Joy Hickey is second from right in the front row wearing the tartan blouse. The lady on the right of the bottom row is believed to be Sybil Tortensee.


  The following set of photographs were very kindly sent to me by David Milner on behalf of his mother Joan. Those of you who have read 'Fly With the Stars' will remember the serious accident which occurred to Avro York 'Star Venture' on January 5th 1949 at Caravelas, Brazil. Joan's husband Arthur (David's father) was the Radio Officer on that fateful flight and fortunately escaped the accident unscathed. As you can see, there was very little left of the aircraft after the accident and ensuing fire which sadly claimed the lives of three passengers. When Arthur realised the aircraft was about to hit the trees, he laid down flat on the cockpit floor. He was momentarily knocked unconscious in the impact and when he came round he found his seat had a tree branch through it! He realised then that he was lucky to be alive.  
  In the photos below, Radio Officer Arthur Milner is on the left and it is believed the gentleman with him is the First Officer, William Robertson. Robertson, assisted by Milner and Captain Graham, managed to save the lives of many passengers by helping them out of the burning wreckage. The remains of the tail of the York can be seen in the left-hand photo and one of the Merlin engines in the right-hand photo.  

Here the crew are seen relaxing in their hotel a day or two after the accident. From left to right - Stargirl Margaret Owens, Radio Officer Arthur Milner, Captain Albert Graham, First Officer William Robertson, Stargirl Jean Mortleman.  
  Stargirl Jean Mortleman types up the individual statements from each of the crew members regarding the details of the accident.  
    Posing with the local wildlife!    

Below is the telegram Joan Milner received from British South American Airways bringing her the news of the accident.


  Brian Mortleman kindly sent me the photos below of his cousin Jean in her BSAA Stargirl uniform. He has posted an account of the Caravelas accident on the Mortleman family website after being told about 'Fly With the Stars' by Jean's husband Cyril, who is now 90 years old. Sadly Jean died in 2001.  


This is how the 'Daily Graphic' reported the accident on January 6th 1949 :


  Ian Cairns sent me this photo of his parent's wedding reception, held at Elliman Drill Hall in Slough. His father, Thomas Arthur 'Tommy' Cairns married Olive Celia Blackwell on July 7th 1951. Tommy worked for Hawker Aircraft as an airframe engineer and then served in the Fleet Air Arm during the war, before joining BSAA at Langley in 1948, moving on to BOAC in the merger and eventually retiring from British Airways in 1981. Sadly he passed away in 2000. The best man on his wedding day (on the left of the photo below) was Pete Lane, another BSAA employee. Click here for an image of Tommy's British South American Airways (Langley) security pass.



  The wonderful photo below was sent to me by Colin Lewis. Colin's father Bob Lewis was an apprentice at the Lagonda car factory in Staines before the war. In 1939 he joined the RAF, eventually serving in North Africa and Italy before returning home at the end of the war as a qualified aircraft engineer. He joined BSAA in 1947, working on all the Avro types BSAA operated. He then moved on to BOAC, initially working on Boeing Stratocruisers and Lockheed Constellations before being sent to Seattle to learn all about the 'new' Boeing 707. He later returned to Seattle to convert to the Boeing 747, an aircraft in which he specialised until his retirement from British Airways in 1981.

Bob is fourth from the left in this photo showing a group of BSAA engineers standing in front of a Tudor V, almost certainly taken at Langley. Sadly he died in 2010. He left no record of the names of his colleagues in the photo, even though, his son tells me, he could still name most of them up until the time he died. If anyone recognises any of these men, please let me know and I'll add their names to the caption.


If any visitors to this site have any old photographs of BSAA staff and wouldn't mind lending them to me, or scanning them for me, I would be delighted to hear from you at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk so they can be included here.  Ian Ottaway