---------------  D  ---------------


Mary Danbrook (see Holden)

Paul R. Dane

D. M. Daniel

Harry Darby

Aubrey T. Dare

F. Dauncey

A. G. Davies

David Davies

Nadia Davies (née Smart)

Fred Davis

Derek H. Davison

David A. R. Day (Roy)

Murray Deloford

Trevor L. de Nett

Mr. Denman

G. J. Dennis

J. H. Dennison

Jimmy Derrett

Mary Devas (see Quigly)

Mr. Deverteuil

R. C. de Wilde

Charles Diacond

Mr. Dick

Roland Arthur Victor Dismore

Wing Commander B. Dobb

Mrs. Donaldson

B. Dowes

N. Downs

Brian Duffey

Captain Peter Duffey

J. M. Duncan

Bill Dyer

G. W. Dyson



---------------  E  ---------------


Jack Eade

Eddie Eade

Captain Godfrey Earnshaw

Howard Easton

Mrs. Eckett

'Elsan' Eddy

S. Edge

J. R. Edmunds

Eddie Edsell

Bill Edwards

G. C. Edwards

Arthur Egerton

Cyril Ellison

Marquis of Ely

Eric Emberson

Mr. Emberton

D. Emmerson

Richard Enser

E. G. Escott

Miss Iris M. Evans

J. B. Evans

L. Evans

Paddy Evans

Vere D. ‘Doug’ Evans



---------------  F  ---------------


Norman Fairfax

P. Falconer

H. Farmer

Bert Farrow

Rene Fearnley (née Boot)

Geoff C. Fearon

David Ferguson

Sid Ferris

Tony Ferris

Captain E. D. 'Wyn' Fieldson

Priscilla Fieldson (née Vinyals)

Ray Finucane

S. Fishwick

Miss P. V. Fitzherbert

Air Commodore A. Fletcher

J. D. Flint

Captain Bill Flower

R. E. 'Dick' Flower

Mrs. Joan Forbes (née Thompson)

John Ford

Kathleen 'Pat' Ford (née Gubbins)

Captain Jimmy Fordham

Ron Forrester

Bill Forsyth

Frank Foulds

L. Fountain

Helen Fowler (see Storey)

Mr. Fowler

Mike Fox

Miss K. Francis (see Scarr)

James Fraser

A. L. French

Ken French



If any visitors to this site have any old photographs of BSAA staff or aircraft and wouldn't mind lending them to me, or sending me high resolution scans, I would be delighted to hear from you at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk so they can be included here.  Ian Ottaway