---------------  P  ---------------


A. H. Paddon

A. G. Palmer

Don Palmer

Edna M. 'Peggy' Palmer (née Mannakee)

R. Palmer

R. F. Parkinson

J. S. Parnell

L. Parry

Mr. Parry-Jones

M. N. Parsons

Miss Peggy Parsons

Philip Patchwell

Bernard Patrick

Philip Patrick

Alf Pearce

Miss D. Pearce

Mr. Pearson

Dennis Peck

John Penning

Miss Pennington

James Leigh Perry

G. J. Perryman

Bob Petty

Paddy Phelan

B. C. Phillips

Walter Phillips

Miss Philpotts

Graham Phipps

Carl Pitu

G. E. Pole

Mr. P. M. Polhill

Alan Ponsford

Daphne Pope

Mr. B. G. Porter

Cecile E. R. Power

Len Pratt

Frank Price

Paddy Pryor



---------------  Q  ---------------


Mary Quigly (née Devas)

Richard Quigly

Frank Quinn



---------------  R  ---------------


Wing Commander R. J. Ralph

Eric Rampling

Jack Randell

Elizabeth Rasmussen (see McIntosh)

Geoff Ratcliffe

Captain W. J. ‘Jeff’ Rees

Gordon Rees

Ken Rees

Eileen Reeves

Frank Rendell

Gordon C. Rettie

J. Reynolds

Bob Rice

J. Richardson

Norman Riddell

Miss Beryl J. Riley

M. S. Rivers

Joan Roberts (née Saunders)

Willy C. Robertson

James P. Robeson

Captain Ernest E. Rodley

E. 'Bunny' Rolandi

John Romeril

Wing Commander J. C. Rose

R. Rosevear

Colin R. Ross

F. A. Rowlands

Margaret Rowntree

Jock Roxbrough

Ted Royall

Andy Ruthven



If any visitors to this site have any old photographs of BSAA staff or aircraft and wouldn't mind lending them to me, or sending me high resolution scans, I would be delighted to hear from you at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk so they can be included here.  Ian Ottaway