---------------  A  ---------------


Len Acres

Dorothy Adam (see Kidd)

Captain R. C. 'Cliff' Alabaster

Wing Commander J. Alexander

Captain G. M. 'Dickie' Allcock

Eric N. Allen

Anne Andrew (née Barker-Mill)

Captain Jimmy Andrew

J. Gus Angers

A. Annis

L. Ansty

Fred Appleby

Cynthia Arpthorp

Captain Maurice R. Aries

Bill Ashdown

Guy Ashendon

J. E. Ashton

Jack Atkins

Albert T. Axten

L. F. Ayling



---------------  B  ---------------


Alf Bailey

Bill Bailey

I. Bailey

J. Bailey

Sue Bailey

Rita P. Baines (see Colby)

Ian Donald Bale ('Buzz')

A. Barber

Kay Bardell

Anne Barker-Mill (see Andrew)

Miss W. Barlow

Harry Bartholomew

Graham Bartter

Nita Barwell-Harrison

Terry Barzilay (see White)

Dora Barzilay

Wing Commander C. Baskett

Mr. F. Beard

P. S. Beckett

Richard E. Beddoes (Dick)

Ted Belbin

Mr. Bellamy

Ed Bellamy

C. A. F. 'Crystal' Bendall

Air Vice-Marshal Donald C. T. Bennett

L. V. Bennett

Jack Berry

G. V. Bethke

Jack Betts

Pam Bewg

D. Bianchi

Bill Bickford

John Bingham

Tony Birch

Mr. Birkby

L. E. Bishop

Miss Blackman

H. E. Bligh

J. N. Blows

Miss J. Boast

Charles Bodimeade

Les Bone

Rene Boot (see Fearnley)

Wing Commander John F. Booth

Ken Bowers

T. M. Boyd

R. L. Bracher

Air Commodore Herbert G. Brackley

David Brackley

Lyn Bradley

Una Bradley

C. P. Brady

David Brady

Eve Branson (née Huntley-Flindt)

Miss Margaret Bray

L. W. Bray

Jean Brennan (née Macfarlane)

John C. Brennan

Captain David Brice

Jim Britton

Len Broad

Angus H. Brooks

Denis Brown

Don L. Brown

E. R. 'Ted' Brown

E. S. Brown

Mrs J. Browne

Maria Teresa del Socorro Browne

Frank Brownlie

Judy Bruce-Lockhart

John Buckell

Danny Buckland

Mr. Budd

G. A. Bullen

Frank W. Bunker

Ken Bunker

Maurice Burgess

Arthur 'Tosh' Burridge

Brian Burston

Miss A. Butler

Arthur Butler

Jock Butterworth



---------------  C  ---------------


Jack Cacutt

G. M. Cain

Thomas A. 'Tommy' Cairns

E. E. Calver

Miss Calvert

Miss Erica Calverwell

Wing Commander D. Cameron

Alec Campbell

Barbara Campbell (née Hammond)

Tom Campbell

Eric Cantor

Mr. Carey

Andy Carlisle

S. G. Carpenter

Robert W. Chandler

Mr. Chapman

S. P. Chapman

Bill Chappell

J. J. Charlebois

Donald S. Checklin

Diana Chester-Masters

J. E. Chettle

Mrs. Chipps

G. Chirgwin

Thomas M. 'Tommy' Clark

Mrs. Celia M. Clark (née Hepworth)

G. W. Clarke

V. A. M. L. ‘Lynn’ Clayton

Captain Stephen B. Cliff

John Coatalen

F. S. G. 'Syd' Codling

Captain David Colby

Rita P. Colby (née Baines)

Derek Cole

F. C. Cole

F. H. Cole

Mr. R. W. Coleman

Howard Francis Collier

Wing Commander H. M. Collins

H. T. Comber

Terence Conner

F. Connor

D. K. Cook

Norman H. Cook

Captain Reginald J. Cook

Sidney Charles Cook

Alec Cooper

Dickie Cooper

Fred Cooper

L. Cooper

Robert J. ‘Paddy’ Cormican

B. Cornthwaite

May Cox

Ron Cox

Captain D. A. Cracknell

C. E. Crick

Miss D. V. Cripps

Thomes S. H. Croft

Dick Cromie

Captain John N. S. Cumming

Mary Cunningham (née Guthrie)

T. Cupit

William Curry



If any visitors to this site have any old photographs of BSAA staff or aircraft and wouldn't mind lending them to me, or sending me high resolution scans, I would be delighted to hear from you at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk so they can be included here.  Ian Ottaway