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Charles Gallagher

David Gallanders

Jack Galvin

Mrs. J. Gardner

Nadine Garland (née Snelling)

Joyce Garrett

Eric Gaston

Denis J. Gaynor

R. Geddes

Miss R. Geraghty

Doug Gilbert

Miss M. Gillespie

Johnny Ginone

Mr. Glenny

Max Gliwitski

A. Godbehere

F. C. Gold

Eve Goodliffe (see Lucas)

J. Goodwin

T. L. Gordon

William Gordon

S. Gorteen

Captain G. L. 'Ted' Gosling

William A. Gould

Captain Albert C. Graham

H. Graham

Hugh Grant-Dalton

Arthur Grant-Jones

Miss Gravestock

Kathleen Gray

Mr. Graynorth

George D. Green

R. C. P. Green

F. A. Greene

Arthur Gregory

Mr. Greig

Barbara Griffin

H. Griffin

Captain R. F. ‘Frank’ Griffin

Peter Griffin

Peter Griggs

Charles Groves

Kathleen 'Pat' Gubbins (see Ford)

Eileen Gummer

Pat Gummer

Eileen Gunnell (née Beales)

J. Gurney

Mary Guthrie (see Cunningham)



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Peggy Lillian May Hack

Poppy Hagerston

Jack Haines

Marian Hale

R. W. M. Hall

W. H. Hall

Harry Halliday

Barbara Hammond (see Campbell)

Will 'Hawk' Hancock

W. Hannah

Dennis B. Harmer

Mr. Tom Harmer

Barbara Harper

H. J. Harris

Wilf Harrison

Phil Hart-Lovelace

Ron Hartley

Thomas J. Harvey

W. Harvey

Jack Hasell

R. H. Hawken

Colin Hawkins

Mr Hawthorne

A. A. Hay

Sylvia Haynes

Keith Hayward

Simone Hayward (see Mathews)

F. G. Haywood

Leslie Head

Miss G. Heitman

Mrs. E. D. Herrington

R. Hewitt

Joy Hickey

H. Highton

Herbert Hill

F. Hillier

W. G. Hille

H. L. Hing

A. G. Hirst

Tony Hiscock

George Hobson

Mary Holden (née Danbrook)

Les Holland

R. B. Holland

Mike Holmes

B. J. Hooper

Jock Horne

Leonard Hough

Reg Howell

A. J. F. Hughes

Ray Hull

Miss Zanick Hulton

Eve Huntley-Flindt (see Branson)



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H. D. S. Ison



If any visitors to this site have any old photographs of BSAA staff or aircraft and wouldn't mind lending them to me, or sending me high resolution scans, I would be delighted to hear from you at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk so they can be included here.  Ian Ottaway