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Bob Sale

Group Captain Charles F. Sarsby

P. A. Satchwell

Joan Saunders (see Roberts)

Ted Sawkins

Miss K. Scarr (née Francis)

Kenneth Scarr

J. W. Scott

Margaret Scott

Molly Scott

R. B. H. Scroggs

R. B. Seabourne

Geoff Seaton

Fred Secker

R. Sermon

V. D. J. Shapley

E. Sharp (Radio Officer)

S. R. (or S. C.) Sharp (Overhaul Superintendent)

Miss E. L. Shaw

Bill Shepherd

R. B. Shoebridge

Derek Shorter

John Silver

Howard Simmons

Dan Skillman

Mr. H. Skinner

E. D. Slater

G. T. Slaughter

Captain Peter Sleight

Nadia Smart (see Davies)

Mr. Smiley

Charlie Smith

Edwin Smith

Katie Smith

Mr. L. P. Smith

Reg Smith

Sylvia Smith

'Tubby' Smith

Philip A. Smoker

Captain John H. Smurthwaite

Ted Snare

Nadine Snelling (see Garland)

Wing Commander Snowball

Alex Soutar

Egerton 'Pancho' Spanton

John Spatcher

Mary Spiers (see Mills)

R. Spiers

Mr. Stacey

John L. Stanford-Smith

Steve Stephens

Sir John Stephenson

J. L. Stephenson

Mr. E. F. Stevens

Jimmy Stevens

Tessa Stevens

G. S. Stewart

P. Stockdale

Basil J. 'Johnny' Stone

R. Stoneham

William G. Stonehouse

Ken Stones

Captain Gordon Store

Jaime E. Storey

Helen Storey (née Fowler)

Don Stott

C. W. Storm-Clark

Bill Strange

John Stretton



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D. Targett-Adams

Captain Frank Taylor

G. Taylor

Margaret Taylor

Squadron Leader Robert Henry Cunningham Taylor

Tom H. Taylor

W. G. Taylor

Squadron Leader G. Thomas

Gordon Thomas

Mrs. Joan C. Thompson (see Forbes)

Henry R. Thompson (Harry)

Stanley C. Thorpe

George Tilley

G. Tomlin

Marjory Tong (see Neville)

Sybil Tortensee

L. J. Townsend

Chris Trainer

Miss Gwyneth Traylor

W. J. Treharne

Mr. Trendell

Alan Trimmer

Robert ‘Bob’ Tuck

Roy Tunnicliffe

George Turner

J. R. Tyas



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R. L. Upton



If any visitors to this site have any old photographs of BSAA staff or aircraft and wouldn't mind lending them to me, or sending me high resolution scans, I would be delighted to hear from you at ian@flywiththestars.co.uk so they can be included here.  Ian Ottaway