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'FLY WITH THE STARS', a history of British South American Airways

Second (revised) edition

          First edition published on November 29th 2007          
          Written by Susan Ottaway & Ian Ottaway    

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          ISBN : 978-0-7509-4448-9    

PLEASE NOTE: Both editions of 'Fly With the Stars' are now sold out.

          Distributed by Speedman Press Limited          
          Second edition published on June 16th 2014          
          ISBN : 978-0-9562176-5-3          
          Copyright 2007 Susan Ottaway & Ian Ottaway          

LATEST NEWS: A television documentary entitled 'My Missing Family', produced by TechTV, will examine the events surrounding the loss of Avro Tudor G-AHNP 'Star Tiger' in 1948. The writer and producer of the programme is a direct descendent of three of the victims of the accident, hence the title.

To see a trailer for the programme, click here.

          First edition front cover -          

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