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'FLY WITH THE STARS', a history of British South American Airways

Second (revised) edition

          First edition published on November 29th 2007          
          Written by Susan Ottaway & Ian Ottaway    

Site last updated 17/03/17

          ISBN : 978-0-7509-4448-9    

Both editions of 'Fly With the Stars' now sold out.

          Distributed by Speedman Press Limited          
          Second edition published on June 16th 2014          
          ISBN : 978-0-9562176-5-3          
          Copyright 2007 Susan Ottaway & Ian Ottaway          

LATEST NEWS: A television documentary entitled 'The Missing Family', currently in production, will examine the events surrounding the loss of Avro Tudor 'Star Tiger' in 1948. The writer and producer of the programme is a direct descendent of three of the victims of the accident, hence the title.

To see a trailer for the programme, click here.

          First edition front cover -          

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