The statement below was distributed to staff from the G.S.O. Section of BSAA in 1946. It is reproduced here exactly as per the original document :-    



British Overseas Trade has succeeded in the past because it has always been Honest and Honourable. In its Goods and in its Service it has given Value for Money. The real Merits of its wares have proved to be its best sales policy.

We in British South American Airways have therefore a great tradition supporting us. But we must better it. We must offer real Service to the communities we enter. We must not thrust unsatisfactory unwanted facilities on to those who do not wish to buy. Instead we must endeavour to provide Services with Safety, Speed, Regularity and Comfort with personal attention, of such a high order and such a reasonable cost that our facilities will be demanded by all concerned.

By serving the foreign countries through which we operate we can help their trade - but at the same time we will be earning revenue for ourselves - our Company and our Country.

By operating between Great Britain and the South American countries we are providing a service of vital importance to British Commerce on which the economy of the British Isles depends.

These great responsibilities are in the hands, not merely of a few seniors, but of every one of us. So when you are feeling bad-tempered or perhaps a little lazy, remember that this bit of British Civil Aviation is in YOUR hands.